Government & Committees Overview

The City of Mountain House is the 483rd incorporated City admitted into the State of California in July 2024.

Mountain House is self-governing and utilizes a Council/City Manager to govern the City. In using this form of government, the City Council, as the elected body; adopts legislation, sets policy, determines issues, and establishes the operating budget for the City. The City Manager is charged with the duty of implementing City Council policy and laws as the administering head of the government.

The City Council appoints volunteers to serve on various advisory boards, commission and committees. Each Council member and the Mayor, may serve as representatives on intergovernmental and regional boards, commissions and committees as part of their elected capacity.

Members of the community are appointed to serve on a variety of commissions and committees to focus on key issues and to then provide feedback, recommendations and support to the council on those issues.

City Council ChambersCity Council

The City Council is elected to advise, govern, oversee policies, and support the City of Mountain House’s mission to provide responsive services to our growing community that exceeds expectations at a fair value.




City Council Agendas and MinutesMH_SEAL_final-02-26-2019

The City Council meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers at 251 E. Main St. Council meetings are open to the public. City Council agendas are posted at City offices and on-line.

Agendas and Minutes


Commissions and Committees

City Council Committees help define issues, resolve problems and involve the community. Each formed committee has a clearly defined purpose, and they work together to bring awareness of community needs to the collective City Council Members.

State of CaliforniaCounty and State Contacts

When an issue requires a higher government official, use this page to contact the County and State Representatives for the City of Mountain House.

County and State Contacts List