Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is responsible for land development reviews and approvals in Mountain House. The Department is responsible for coordinating with San Joaquin County, coordinating with developers, reviewing and processing annexation applications, design reviews for all privately funded projects, construction of public facilities designed and built by the developers, and acceptance of the projects. In addition, the Department is responsible for code compliance, issuing permits for landscaping changes, home improvements, and transportation. They are also responsible for the enforcement of CC&R and Master Restrictions.

Applying for a Building Permit

You can apply for a Building Permit by clicking the link below.

GreenVue Permit Portal

We are also happy to help you in person at the counter.  You can download our Building Permit Application and have it pre-filled out when you come to the counter.  We also have applications at the counter for your convenience if needed.

Development Services

Neighborhood Design Guidelines